PixelStix Mural Plaque

PixelStix Mural Plaque

half-size or full-size acrylic plaque with the following artist info

Instagram Username

(please include the 3 lines you'd like on your plaque)

half-size dimensions: 6"x2.75" (153mm x 70mm)
full-size dimensions: 6"x4.75" (153mm x 121mm)**

** if you order a full size plaque you'll need to send us a Hi-res image of the brand or logo you'd like on the top of the plaque. We won't charge you for the design work if you make it easy on us. ;-)

Plaques will have a QR code placed on them by default unless otherwise specified. Using the QR code will launch whatever content you've programmed into your plaque.

Each plaque is also equipped with PixelStix tech which allows you to assign a video from your phone to the plaque. URLs to websites can also be assigned to the plaques.

Anyone with the PixelStix app will see the video/website when they touch their phone to the plaque. The PixelStix app is not required to view content on your plaque.

If you already have a gallery in PixelStix Maps, put the plaque into manage mode using the app and tap 'Add To Map' using the plaque allowing others to find your mural.

Mounting instructions: Each plaque is equipped with quick bonding VHB adhesive that allows it to be mounted easily after removing the adhesive backing.

Complete instructions on a plaque to your gallery: